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Piano, Jazz & Music for All Levels
Onsite(Detroit, MI) & Online

The lessons are 100% customised and I am known to be very patient. You are guaranteed to see the result in time, and for that we will first clarify your goal, and I am an expert in consultation.  For jazz enthusiasts - you will learn what it takes to have that special sound, feel and everything you need to know to discover & enjoy this artform. I believe life with music is not only fun, it will make the world a better place with joy. 

Piano & music

Instrument : Mainly piano but any instruments welcome

Level : complete beginner to intermediate 

Lessons Program :  Solfege (sight reading/singing/writing in relation to ear training rhythmic training), Piano technique, music theory


Instrument : Mainly piano but any instruments welcome

Level : Complete beginner to advanced

Lessons Program :  jazz history, theory (harmony & voicing), song format, improvisation, style, rhythm and performance & jamming principle, transcribing technique,

Option : composition, rhythmic training

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