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Japanese Jazz Pianist Aya Sekine, with over three decades of cross-continental experience, has solidified her position as one of Asia’s most illustrious Jazz figures. Recently, Sekine has relocated to Detroit, Michigan after being approved for an artist permanent residency (EB-1) in the United States based on her Extraordinary Ability. From her classical piano roots to prestigious stages in New York City and beyond, Sekine's journey is marked by a rich tapestry of experiences and seasoned expertise. Renowned for her unique style, often hailed as genre-bending, Sekine effortlessly weaves together traditional jazz and abstract expression, infusing her music with a playful charm and a touch of mischief. Her performances capture audiences in with warmth and allure, while she swings hard, and adding her original colour to the classics. Whether collaborating with diverse artists or leading her own band, Sekine's magnetic stage presence and transcendent musical mixture continue to captivate audiences, cementing her status as an iconic figure in the global jazz community.

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